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Every child should have someone who says ‘Ok if that’s what you’re passionate about and love doing, I support you and will help you get to where you want to go in life’. I am extremely fortunate to have always been encouraged by my teachers at primary and secondary level to read English and follow my passion. Many of you who went to Mullion Comprehensive School in the 1980s will, I’m sure, remember the lessons we had with Mr. Matthews. He was a great teacher, relaxed, approachable, but really knew how to engage us and communicated this with gusto. He is the reason why my interest in teaching English was initially sparked. Still my proudest achievement is receiving the Mullion School English prize in 1987 as I felt the teachers valued what was important to me. This is the ethos I try to communicate to my current students; I value what matters to them and help them to be the best they can be.


So after many hours of waitressing and babysitting to get there, I went to university. I had a great time specializing in Shakespeare, American Literature and 19th Century poetry and graduated with a 2:1 B.A. Hons degree from Exeter University. After this I set off to Sweden, my interest in Scandinavia stemming from Swedish Folk stories and Tove Jansson’s books I read as a child. I taught adults Business English; au paired and also tutored English to local Swedish children. The experience I gained was invaluable and made me a better teacher by learning how to motivate students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


I came back to Cornwall, studied some more for my TEFL Diploma and then a PGCE(FE) from Plymouth University. During this time I gained more teaching and tutoring experience ranging from hosting and teaching Spanish students for a local language school, tutoring local children and working as an A Level and GCSE English lecturer at a local VI Form College for many years. Being responsible for devising and implementing A Level and GCSE courses was challenging but hugely rewarding. Whether it was helping students with their UCAS forms as a Personal Tutor, teaching a variety of texts in the classroom, or participating in Comenius projects, the most important part for me was again helping students to follow the path they chose for themselves. All this experience I now use to help tutor private students to excel at English as best they can.


You might be interested to know however that I have another main passion and that is I adore dogs. So much so that during the holidays I have a great time walking and looking after dogs in Cornwall. I’ve established my dog sitting business over many years now and it’s the perfect antidote to spending hours with my head buried in a book!! I count myself lucky that I can remain in Cornwall working with young people and can also spend time walking in the fabulous Cornish countryside. I look forward to continuing to help students living and holidaying in Cornwall move up into the 9-5 range so that they can achieve their ambitions and goals in life.



Emma Williams, English Tuition in Cornwall


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