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FAQs - Why learn with Emma?

All tuition focuses on learning plans that encourage individual abilities and strengths. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions that they may not have time to ask during class.  

Fancy a boost to achieve your target grade? Is your university place just out of reach? Wanting weekly general support? Like the idea of group revision workshops? Holidaying in Cornwall but need exam help? Prefer to study with a friend? Re sits looming? Is it all getting too much? Arrow black small Arrow black small Arrow black small Arrow black small Arrow black small Arrow black small Arrow black small

Fancy a boost to achieve your target grade?


Students could have extra support when preparing for mock and actual exams in order to improve their performance. Help may be needed at GCSE level with developing close reading skills in order to improve analysis of ‘ Of Mice and Men’.  A few lessons working on how to select relevant quotations and then how to link analytically to Steinbeck’s use of language and techniques may be all that is needed to reach the higher grades.



Is your university place and Fresher’s Week just out of reach?


A student may be a high achiever, but needs to work on more challenging tasks in order to excel and obtain a university place. For example students studying A Level English Literature may find ‘The White Devil’ is their weaker text in Unit 3. So work can be structured to target and improve comparative analysis skills with a focus on Elements of Gothic. Often a student has extremely perceptive conceptual ideas, but just misses the top grade because essay structure needs some attention.  A chance to work with an A Level teacher who has taught and sent many students through exams may be just what is needed at this crucial time.



Wanting weekly general support for as long as it takes?


I am able to work weekdays, evenings and at weekends. There is no set duration for tuition. You can study for one hour a week for ten weeks or two hours a week for four weeks. GCSE students can learn how to develop an improved critical understanding of the Conflict cluster in the ‘Moon on the Tides’ Anthology with some lessons on how to compare poetry. A Level Language and Literature students may want to focus on how Shakespeare uses spoken language to produce dramatic effects in ‘ King Lear’.  The choice is yours.



Lucky enough to be holidaying in Cornwall but need exam help?


It can be daunting being away from friends and teachers when preparing for major exams. However, having access to a tutor who can help you with all your last minute questions means that you can come to Cornwall and still enjoy your holidays. I take the stress out of this situation by contacting the students and parents before the holiday to assess the revision that may be needed and to view student’s work via post/email. Once in Cornwall we can meet for private tuition or students may prefer to attend a Pop Up revision workshop.



Prefer to study with a friend?


I also teach pairs of students so you and a friend could have a joint tutoring session. The great benefits of this are that there will be a reduction in the hourly fee per student and also there is also another person to share ideas with and debate on key texts such as ‘Macbeth’ or ‘Lord of The Flies’. Students will obviously need to be working at the same level and studying the same texts.



Re sits looming and it’s all getting too much?


A few hours tuition could make all the difference when preparing for a re-sit  especially now that exams cannot be taken in January. The opportunity to ask about and work through any last minute problems can have a beneficial impact on the student’s confidence and exam performance.


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